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<div class="AgentsTitle">Selwyn Hare</div>

Selwyn Hare

manages the Kiriat Hasharon team & is in charge of administration. Selwyn speaks English & Hebrew.Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Darren Rich</div>

Darren Rich

Darren is a partner & specializes in Ir Yamim and the Coastline. He speaks perfect English & Hebrew Continue to my page
<div class="AgentsTitle">Julian Shapiro</div>

Julian Shapiro

specializes in new projects in Ramat Poleg & Ir Yamim. He is a partner in the company & speaks fluent English & Hebrew Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Eyal Rosenboim</div>

Eyal Rosenboim

Eyal is a partner & speaks perfect English & Hebrew. His expert area is Nitza & surrounding areas Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Deborah Aboukrat</div>

Deborah Aboukrat

Deborah specializes in the Nitza area & speaks French, English & Hebrew. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Liora Ben-Ari</div>

Liora Ben-Ari

Liora specializes in Central Netanya. Liora is fluent in English & Hebrew. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Sandra Halfon</div>

Sandra Halfon

Sandra specializes in Central Netanya & speaks French. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Haviva Chen</div>

Haviva Chen

Specializes in the Neve Oz & surrounding areas.Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Ronit Derzy</div>

Ronit Derzy

specializes in Ramat Poleg& ir yamim . Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Corinne Azout</div>

Corinne Azout

Central and surrounding area. French and Hebrew. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Ilina Suhovitsky</div>

Ilina Suhovitsky

Specializes in Ramat Poleg. Ilina speaks Hebrew, Russian & Latvian. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Tomer Aitelberg</div>

Tomer Aitelberg

Tomer specializes in Neve Oz & Galey Yam Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Arthur Weiss</div>

Arthur Weiss

Arthur specializes in rentals. Continue to my page
<div class="AgentsTitle">Merav Dovrat</div>

Merav Dovrat

Merav Dovrat specializes in Ramat Poleg & Ir Yamim. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Ayelet Wagner</div>

Ayelet Wagner

Ayelet specializes in Ir Yamim. Ayelet is fluent in Hebrew, English & Flemish. Continue to my page!
<div class="AgentsTitle">Jimmy Bokobza</div>

Jimmy Bokobza

Jimmy specializes in the North Netanya and around Nitza area & speaks French, English & Hebrew. Continue to my page!