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Efrat Levy Izhari is a law firm that deals in real estate in Netanya, real estate and wills and inheritances and provides service to residential and business customers in the Netanya and Sharon area.
The firm accompanies us and our clients in all that is required in the legal field as part of our activity

Interior design for me is a matter of pure passion. To share that passion and enthusiasm with my clients, I established my own design studio in 2000, after finishing interior design studies with honors. My ongoing experience and personal growth allowed me to acquire a specialty in the private sector, planning and designing high end apartments and homes, both in Israel and abroad.

My diverse and interdisciplinary background as a makeup artist, healer, coacher, artist and designer, allows me to use my rich experience and the different tools and knowledge I have acquired in my many diverse projects.

My unique view lies in the eternal connection between the material and physical with the spiritual energy of my clients. I truly believe in combining the two worlds, feeling my clients’ energy and spirit, listening carefully to their desires and dreams and translating it to spatial elements, colors and materials.

The spaces I meticulously design will forever be harmonious and will reflect you, as my client, and your personal style in the best possible way. For every project I create a unique design concept, including a color and material scheme and carefully curated styling choices. I believe in originality and creativity and dedicate my time and attention to creating unique, distinct and custom made spaces while maintaining a coherent look throughout each project.

Now after you know so much about me, I invite you to visit my gallery for a first impression of my previous projects, and to call for a free introductory meeting with me personally.

See you soon.

Buying your dream property in Israel? You need more than just the right house and a good lawyer.  You need to pay for your apartment in local currency, Shekels

Consider the volatile currency market – one less thing for you to take care of.

For ten years IsraTransfer has been facilitating property purchases by handling all issues related to currency exchange.

We have helped  thousands of clients save thousands of shekels when transferring money to  Israel.   IsraTransfer is licensed and regulated in Israel so we are able to offer the most attractive rates to our customers with out any hidden fees, ever!

Our staff  will guide you through every step of the process, including working directly with your realtor, lawyer or mortgage broker to ensure your funds are received on time and in accordance with contract stipulations.